The Colorado Springs Police Department has Christophers case

listed under their MOST WANTED for information,

"Justice Walk for Christopher Abeyta"

We had a great turnout of community supporters who

walked in freezing cold temperatures from the Colorado

Springs Police Department to the District Attorney's Office.

Over 2400 signatures have been collected and have been

given to the Colorado Springs District Attorney's Office

requesting a Grand Jury Investigation.

Click link below for video of bedroom

Photos of Christopher

Christopher at 7 months old

Composite age progressed photo. This is what Christopher may look like at 23 years old.


Message to Christopher

from his family

We have searched for you for 27 years.

Our lives have forever been changed by this cowardly act done to an innocent baby, and there is no such thing as closure. We have lived with the hope that you were raised with a family whom has loved and cared for you. Your family continues to investigate your disappearance and will not stop until we have answers and justice has been served. You have loving parents and 6 older brothers and sisters who play an active part in your investigation.

We love you!


Please Help?

This is a picture of Christopher at about 6 months old sleeping in his crib -- we had just purchased him this new little robe and we placed it over him while he was sleeping and snapped this photo. Christopher's older sisters used to pick him up while he was sleeping just to hold him and they'd also take pictures just like this one while he was sleeping. He was a happy baby and rarely cried. Please forward Christopher's web site to anyone you know.