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Christopher Enoch Abeyta

Christopher was his "moms world". She loved him so much. He was a happy baby. The photo on the Left is of his Mom and him taken before he was kidnapped. The photo on the far right is Christopher posing with a Baseball Trophy that his Dad had won for him at a baseball tournament taken a month before he was kidnapped.

Christopher's family in 2009. We are a loving family and all very supportive of each other. Christopher very well could resemble one of us. Please keep in mind, Christopher is almost 23, and his siblings are in their 30's and 40's in this photo.

Above is Christopher's family in 2002.


Age progressed to 23.

Age progressed photos are created by forensic artists using reference photos to provide a current facial image. They have been a key tool in helping identify and safely recover missing children. This could be a resemblance of what Christopher may look like.